U Light Intelligent Controller 12X4

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* All-in-one 24-houre Programable Climate Controller.
* Sensors wirelessly control Temperature,Humidity, and CO2.
* Can Power your HID,LED,T5,or DE Fixture.
* Manage your indoor garden's lighting using our U Light App.
* Phone notification of any power outages or equipment failure.
* Modify setting via WI-FI or Cloud technology.

U Light Intelligent Controller 12X4


This all-in-one climate( CO2,Temperature,Humidity) and lighting controller includes a 24-hour programmable mechanical timer, an environmental controller with a wireless remote sensor, along with a lighting controller than can power your HID, LED, T5, or DE Lamp Ballasts. This U Light user-friendly controller gives you the power to manage your indoor garden’s lighting and environment remotely using U Light app. U Light APP alerts you of any power outages as well as any equipment failures.it also provide the capabilities' of checking status and reconfigure lighting and/or environmental settings using our proprietary user friendly interface. U Light’s proprietary user friendly interface allows you to apply and revised any controllers' devises and make possible to customers to their convenience and comfort to modified settings anywhere where WI-FI is provided or via cloud technology.

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