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Mosquito Bits vs Fungus Gnats

Summit Mosquito Bits, A Biological Control That Kills Mosquito Larvae, Is Now Also Approved For The Control Of Fungus Gnats. Let’s Take a Look

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Power SI Bloom - 20 Liter


Power Si Is Among The Most Popular Products In The Market. We Put It To The Test To Find Out If Its A Mith Or If Tully Amazing!

Ocean Forest Potting Soil 3.0 cu ft

Foxfarm Ocean Forest Review

Check Out Our Review Of The Popular Foxfarm Ocean Forest Potting Soil. Get All The Information You Need To Know!

How Many Grow Lights Per Plant?

How much light is enough to market excellent growth in my plants? That’s an issue lots of growers ask themselves at some point when trying to make a decision on the simplest grow light for his or her plants. Whether you’re new growing or you have been growing for an extended time, deciding what quantity of light you would like may be tricky. If you’re feeling overwhelmed, don’t worry. We’ve created this guide to assist you to identify exactly what quantity of light your plants will need in an exceedingly grow tent or grow room environment. If you’re able to

EC to PPM | PPM to EC – TDS Conversion Charts

Hello guys, for today we don’t have an article, just a very useful EC to PPM chart.  EC Hanna ppm Truncheon CF ms/cm 0.5 ppm 0.64 ppm 0 0.1 50 ppm 64 ppm 1 0.2 100 ppm 128 ppm 2 0.3 150 ppm 192 ppm 3 0.4 200 ppm 256 ppm 4 0.5 250 ppm 320 ppm 5 0.6 300 ppm 384 ppm 6 0.7 350 ppm 448 ppm 7 0.8 400 ppm 512 ppm 8 0.9 450 ppm 576 ppm 9 1 500 ppm 640 ppm 10 1.1 550 ppm 704 ppm 11 1.2 600 ppm 768 ppm 12

Soil vs Hydro vs Coco For Cannabis

Cannabis indoors growers are an example of farmers who are always looking for an improvement that favors an increase in the quality of their crops. Thanks to this seek of an increased yield and quality; growers ask us how to upgrade specific parameters of their gardens. This chapter will write about the characteristics, advantages, and disadvantages of growing in hydroponics systems compared to soil or coco fibers. We hope this information will be helpful for our readers and also for those growers who like to test other techniques. cannabis growing in soil Growing in soil is the oldest way of

70% Neem Oil, Pt

Neem Oil For Cannabis

Neem Oil Is Great For Growers But Specially For Growers That Take A Very Organic Approach To Growing Cannabis. Here We Take A Look.

Microbes & Fungi For Cannabis

When you run into trouble along with your grow you’ll want to act as fast as possible to forestall bigger problems. This guide will learn you all about bacterial and fungal issues that will occur together with your grow. Troubleshooting Fungal Issues Ampelomyces Quisqualis Bacillus Pumilus and Bacillus subtilis Barley Straw Rafts and Pellets Copper Gliocladium – Beneficial Fungus Hydrogen Peroxide Milk Neem Oil pH Up and pH Down Potassium Bicarbonate Pseudomonas Quaternary Amines Silica and Silicate Salts Silver Sodium Bicarbonate Streptomyces Griseoviridis – Beneficial Bacteria Sulfur Trichoderma – Beneficial Fungi Ampelomyces Quisqualis These are present hyperparasites of mildew. They

How To Use LED Grow Lights

The Benefits Are Tipping You Towards LED Grow Lights? Check Out This Quick List That Addresses All The Things You Need To Know.

Beneficial Microbes For Root Growth

Want Better Roots? Learn How Beneficial Microbes Work In The Root System Of Your Plant To Grow Better Roots And Increase Yields.

The Right Soil For Cannabis

Learn How to Choose the Right Soil to Grow Cannabis. We Break It Down into the Simple Things That You Should Take into a Count.

16" Wall Mount Oscillating Fan

Why You Need Cannabis Fans – Cannabis Air Flow

Keep The Air Moving For Your Plants If you’re new to growing marijuana, or are trying to grow it, but have been unsuccessful, this article is for you. Proper Air circulation in marijuana grow rooms is a crucial part of the method. If there’s improper circulation, your plant growth may stunt, you will have weak branches which won’t hold the load of heavy buds, and you would possibly find yourself with a mildew or bug problem. All of those issues may be combated with the proper size fans, placed appropriately. How Plants Grow Marijuana plants, like all plants, thrive off

How Fungi Helps Cannabis

Fungi Is Used More And More Every Day By Growers All Over The World. In This Brief Article, We Put Fungi For Cannabis In Simple Words.

Mycorrhizae – What are Mycorrhizae?

Mycorrhizae Are Breaking The Sealing Of Crop Growth and it’s Used To Grow Many Different Plants. Check Out Our Overview Of Mycorrhizae!

How To Use Silica

The Silica Revolution Is Here. Data Proves That Silica Helps Cannabis Grow Bigger and Stronger. Want to Join in The Trend? Check This Out!

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