Do AirPots Increase Yields? Air Pots For Cannabis

Air Pots Seem To Provide The Benefits Of Plastic Pots and Fabric Pots In One Very Popular Product. Here See Airpots Increase Yields.

Benefits of Smart Pots for Growing Cannabis

Smart Pots include an extended list of advantages that make them a stronger choice than standard plastic, metal, and ceramic containers. Thousands of growers have made the switch to those innovative containers, and most of them never return.

Easier to Manage Heat Stress

Cannabis plants thrive in temperatures between 20–30°C. Excessive heat can inflict stress upon plants, causing damage to their leaves, dehydrating them, and disrupting nutrient transportation. Typical plant containers—especially those made from black plastic—trap heat during the day and slowly release it in the dark. In particularly hot climates, containers can get seriously hot!

Smart Pots—living up to their name—don’t store heat within the same way. the various tiny holes within the fabric facilitate airflow and keep the growing medium ventilated all day long. This keeps both the roots and also the microbial community happy and healthy.


You can reuse Smart Pots again and again. Unlike plastic and ceramic pots, they’re super hard to interrupt. They don’t chip, snap, or shatter, and you’ll fold them down and store them away during the off-season. When spring comes around, simply dust them off and they’ll be ready for action.

Suitable for Hydroponics

Smart Pots don’t just allow air to flow through; they accommodate water, too! you’ll place Smart Pots full of soil into ebb and flow systems to automate your watering schedule. you’ll also fill them with a soilless growing medium like coco coir and use them in large hydroponic setups. The mesh fabric will allow the nutrient solution to flow through while keeping the growing medium secure and preventing potential clogs.

Large Sizes for Outdoor Cannabis Growing

Fabric pots are available during a large choice of sizes. You’ll find small versions perfect for clandestine indoor cultivation and big versions suitable for growing tree-sized sativas outdoors.

The largest versions of Smart Pots are popular among organic growers, effectively become small ecosystems. You’ll even have room to sow companion species next to your cannabis plants. Add a canopy crop or mulch layer to extend moisture retention and scheme health.

Improved Drainage

Root rot wreaks havoc on cannabis grows, ending the efforts of the many beginner gardeners and remaining the Achilles heel of even advanced growers. Plastic and ceramic pots are a piece of land for the fungal species that make to the present disease. Even slight overwatering can cause pooling and also the encouragement of detrimental anaerobic microbes.

The porous fabric wont to construct fabric pots allows water to withstand effortlessly, preventing pooling at the underside and allowing excess water to empty out of the edges. The growing medium remains adequately moist and also the risk of plant disease and nutrient lockout from overwatering is mitigated.

Benefits of Air-Pots for Growing Cannabis

Although almost like Smart Pots in some ways, Air-Pots offer their own distinct advantages when it involves cultivating weed. Air-Pots are crafted from a special material altogether and possess much larger holes, exposing larger portions of the growing medium on to the air.

Improved Oxygenation

Although cannabis roots spend their lives underground, they have oxygen to survive. Most of the time, small gaps within the soil facilitate access to air. However, compacted and flooded soil prevents them from uptaking this vital element.

Air-Pots provide the growing medium with a homogenous supply of oxygen from every direction, immersing the roots in an oxygen-rich environment that permits them to breathe easily throughout the whole growing cycle.

Air Pruning

Exposure to oxygen does overkeep roots breathing; it prevents them from growing out of control. have you ever transplanted one in every one of your babies from a plastic or ceramic container? After budging the growing medium loose, you possibly laid eyes upon a dense and messy mass of roots. Although most plants recover well, many become rootbound when grown in conventional containers, causing the roots to become tangled and plant growth to stall.

Air-Pots prevent this issue by air pruning the roots. When roots become exposed to the air, the information essentially becomes “cauterised”. rather than growing into a curdled mess, the complete system forms an especially neat and ordered structure—increasing air and nutrient uptake.

Sturdy Pot Design

Air-Pots are crafted from strong and durable material. If you drop them, they’ll bounce. Unlike cheap plastic containers, Air-Pots are more of a premium product. You’ll pay slightly more, but they’re built to last and can see you thru many fruitful growing seasons.

Greater Flexibility

The holes in Air-Pots make them more flexible than standard plastic containers. This, in turn, makes them more suitable for storage, transport, and enormous growing operations where one must move gear quickly and doesn’t necessarily have time to be gentle.

Should You Use a wise Pot or Air-Pot to Grow Cannabis?

Absolutely. We recommend trying Air-Pots to see if they suit your growing style and set up the simplest. Of course, growers get great results when using standard containers all the time. But both Air-Pots can facilitate you in avoiding potential pitfalls and keep your root systems in great health. And, you don’t necessarily have to buy from the first Air-Pot brand; many other varieties with different names exist that fulfill the identical purpose.

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