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Franchise Offering

Florida Garden Supplies’ mission is to become the most recognizable brand in the hydroponics industry.  We are well positioned for growth based on our proven track record, highly experienced and successful management team and the robust growth forecasted in the hydroponics industry for the next 10 to 20 years.

This combination of Florida Garden Supplies’ market experience and leadership, solid partnerships with the top manufacturers, exclusivity of product lines and sound business approach has resulted in growth and continued profitability every year since its inception. 

Florida Garden Supplies’ strategy is to develop a regional presence first in selected states and expand nationwide through the addition franchises in those states as determined by the management team.  International expansion is also part of the business strategy with several countries already under serious consideration for franchising.

We are currently looking for franchisees to partner with us and build the Florida Garden Supplies’ brand even further.  Our concept is simple:  carry always the top line of brands and mix of exclusive products in conveniently located stores and give customers the value and attention they deserve every time they visit our stores.

All franchisees are required to follow this core concept in the operation of the franchise as this is what separates us from other hydroponics operations.  Our professionalism and customer attention also characterizes Florida Garden Supplies as the top brand in the hydroponics industry.  Only the right candidates adhering to the highest level of integrity and commitment to top customer service will have the ability to operate our franchises.  We are looking for the best prospects to work in the best industry!