How Fungi Helps Cannabis

Fungi Is Used More And More Every Day By Growers All Over The World. In This Brief Article, We Put Fungi For Cannabis In Simple Words.

When fungi and plant roots work together, mycorrhizae are made. This formation increases the nutrient and water uptake for plants, protects them from disease, and creates an optimum growing environment

Fungi For Cannabis

Fungi are a desirable organic structure, fundamental to all or any life on Earth. a remarkable fact to many: Fungi are a completely independent kingdom of life, separate to it of animals and plants. However, they’re genetically closer to animals than plants. Fungi play an important role within the ecosystem by decomposing and breaking down dead organisms and biological byproducts, liberating the nutrients from within these sources which are then utilized elsewhere within the web of life. Fungi form a symbiotic partnership with some plants and algae and are literally chargeable for the very survival of various species. Fungi grow in threaded structures called hyphae, which, thanks to their massive area, provide maximum nutrient absorption.

This function of fungi will be taken advantage of and utilized by growers to maximize the nutrient uptake of their plants. But how exactly does this relationship work? The keyword here is “mycorrhizae”.

Mycorrhizae may be a symbiotic alliance constructed of both a fungus and also the roots of a plant. This mutualistic association is found throughout nature and could be a fundamental part of soil life. By forming this relationship, the fungi and plants in question receive impressive benefits from each other, especially important when attempting to maximize the standard and quantity of marijuana yields.

How Cannabis Benefits From Fungi

The fungi receive constant access to the sweet bounty of carbohydrate sugars like glucose and sucrose which are synthesized within the plant’s leaves, transported to the foundation system, and across to its fungal sidekick. In exchange, the plant then reaps the advantage of the fungi’s superior abilities to absorb water and nutrients from the soil during which they reside. this is often because of the far larger extent of the hyphae which are much finer than plant roots, making them far more effective at beneficiation.

The fungi present may also make it easier for plants to access key building blocks like phosphorous and nitrogen which are paramount to optimal plant health, yields, and quality.

The formation of mycorrhizae also extends past nutrient uptake. This phenomenon can even protect your plants against numerous threats that several growers face. Mycorrhizae plants show increased resistance to pathogenic microbial diseases that occur within the soil. they’re also better equipped at combating drought conditions that will occur and are better at handling salt stress. they’re also more immune to certain toxicities that will occur in soils like those with high metal concentrations.

Growing With Fungi

Growers have several methods at their disposal when it involves introducing beneficial fungi into the soil. First, they’ll value more highly to attract mycorrhizal species found in their plants’ immediate environment. These species exist in most soils, so cultivators can easily attract them from nearby and boost their numbers by feeding them the correct food.

Mycorrhizal fungi thrive on organic matter like compost and other microorganisms, but also jump at the prospect for a few sugary sweetness. After all, sugars derived from photosynthesis are the most reason they attach with plants in the first place.

To attract beneficial fungi from nearby, simply add carbohydrate sources like drinkable or syrup into the soil. Combine 10ml of sugars with one gallon of water and drench your beds and containers.

Alternatively, head resolute a close-by forest and capture a fungal colony together with your bare hands. Remove some soil from a woodland freed from chemical contamination and pollution, and place it into a bucket. Once home, inoculate your growing medium with this microbe-rich goodness.

Finally, you’ll be able to also use specially designed products to inoculate your soil. Products like Xtreme Cobra, Great White, and Mykos make it really easy for you to add fungi to your feeding regimen. 


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