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Mammoth P Review

A Revolutionary Product That Originated in a College Campus. In This Brief Article We Review The Mammoth P And Share Our Thoughts!

This week on the blog I wanted to speak is amongst my favorite products on the market today, Mammoth P – the beneficial bacteria that packs a punch! Mammoth P is that the only microbial inoculant that may help your plant uptake phosphorus, supplying you with a major increase on your end harvest results. Mammoth P could be a microbial inoculant that does exactly what it says it’ll do, and that organically increases your yields. It breaks down the phosphorus within your growing media, allowing the plant to uptake more of what counts when it involves large yields.

Scientists at Colorado State University developed this product and Growcentia as an outgrowth of their research. The team at Growcentia was able to isolate a particular strain of bacteria to maximize growth where it counts: in larger fruits and a more flavorful product. Mammoth P’s results are independently verified by labs, and Colorado growers swear by this product. Having used Mammoth P myself for several years now, I can truly say it’s worth every penny!

Mammoth P is to be used from start to complete. it’ll aid within the propagation or germination process by coating and protecting the plant’s rhizosphere and shielding it from harmful pathogens. Many growers see increased root development by adding Mammoth P within the early stages of a plant’s life.

What I really like about this product is its versatility. it’ll aid in plant health, fruit development, in addition to the overall quality of the finished product. Mammoth P is safe to be used in any media – whether or not it’s soil, soilless, or a Hydroponic system, it can bed all. Plus its OMRI listed, so it’s safe for organic crop production!

Mammoth P is extremely concentrated. At a dilution rate of only .6ml per gallon, a 250ml bottle will treat up to 400 gallons of nutrient solution! Increasing your end results by 16% makes Mammoth P a no-brainer when choosing to feature it into your growing regimen. Take my word, once you begin using Mammoth P you won’t stop!

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