Power Si Is Among The Most Popular Products In The Market. We Put It To The Test To Find Out If Its A Mith Or If Tully Amazing!

Power Si Bloom could be a patented acid matrix; which is way more bioavailable than the quality potassium silicate products on the market today. Only monosilicic acid is quickly absorbed by roots.

Other silica supplements can take months to break down and become available, some also need biologic bacterial action break down. Most cannabis is harvested before this may occur and if you’re growing in hydroponics these beneficial bacteria are probably lacking.

I have to be honest I’ve got been very skeptical about the advantages of silica supplementation. I’ve got tried numerous silica supplements both in my reservoirs and as foliar sprays and seen little difference in my plants. That’s until I attempted Power Si Bloom.

So Power Si isn’t cheap but at 1 or 2 ml per gallon, a bit goes a long way. Power Si ingredients make it unlike other silica products it won’t raise your pH, after all, it can drop it quite a bit so make sure you are able to adjust your reservoir. Like all silica supplements, it has to be added before anything or it can cause precipitation so always add silica first, then cal-mag so your base or the other additives.

Power SI actually makes 3 products. Power Si Bloom was designed to be utilized in flower. it’s less silica and a tiny low amount of NPK together with some amino, fulvic, and kelp. The Bloom formula is way cheaper too.


On day 33 I added Power Si Bloom to my reservoir at 2 ml per gallon. They claim you may see a lead to 24 hours. I didn’t see anything and wasn’t surprised because I used to be pretty skeptical about the effectiveness of silica

On day 35 I started to do a foliar spray at an identical rate although I normally wouldn’t spray anything that late in flower. I had noticed some buds looked as if they would be stalled and was seeing some hairs turning brown.

On day 37 I noticed new growth and fresh white hairs on all my buds. I can’t say whether it absolutely was the acid or the opposite additives within the Power Si Bloom that caused the new growth but it had been clear this product worked. I can’t tell you whether it absolutely was due to root uptake or the foliar spray or the mix of both but I used to be happy for the fresh new growth.


I have continued seeing positive results using the ability Si Bloom. The primary thing I noticed was a rise in the smell which tells me it’s having a positive effect on terpenes.

I am using it in my reservoir at 2 ml per gallon together with the Emerald Harvest nutrient line. Again please remember acid lowers pH, unlike other silica products that raise it so it’s vital to watch your final pH. Beyond adding it first I’ve got not seen any precipitation in my reservoir.

Normally by day 42, I see significant pistil browning but now it’s not there. I see buds producing fresh hairs instead. this suggests buds are actively growing and sizing up beyond what I usually see in my growth.

Power Si Foliar 

I used power si bloom foliar thought the process at 2 ml per gallon. I always apply foliar right before turning off the light to prevent touching of the leaves, that’s happened to me before with other foliar applications. I did a text of using the power si foliar application and not using it and I did not notice any difference between the quality and yields. 

Power Si Feeding Chart

  • When looking to slow vertical growth, use 6ML per 5 gallons of water.
  • When looking to repair your crops, use 2ML per liter or 8ML per gallon.
  • For general maintenance, use 1ML per liter or 4ML per gallon.

The Verdict

Power SI has significant, positive, impacts on the plant. After further research and experimentation, I concluded that is caused by monosilicic acid; it’s silica that the plants love and absorbed easily and offers greater yields.


I decided to further experiment with the product to see the extent of its yield increments. In the same controlled room, using the same strains, I adhered to the grow schedules of General Hydroponics, Emerald Harvest, Canna, Heavy 16, and Foxfarm nutrients. In the end, we measured the weight and overall quality of each bud. The use of Power SI increased the weight of the buds by 9% to 22% averaging at 16% which can easily be the difference between a 10lb harvest among 4 plants and a 12lbs harvest between 4 plants. 

When I compared the effectiveness of Power SI to other silica products in the market (primarily derived from potassium silica), those only showed an average of 6% yield increases. The only other product that offered a high yield increase was Xtreme Silica, which is a newer product derived from monosilicic acid, just like Power SI. Xtreme Silica offered yields 2-4% higher than Power SI.

Power SI Nutrient

The bottom line is that not all silica products work well and the ones that do are expensive. So it’s important to consider if the increases in the yields and overall health of the plant are something that makes sense of the cost. 

I do recommend Power SI, both the original and the bloom formula as well as Xtreme Silica. To learn more about silica and its effect on the plant you can read our study Silica For Plants.

If you guys have any questions about what you just read, ask them in the comment section and I’ll reply. If you enjoyed this content, please share! It does help tremendously to let me, and the company know that you like this type of content.


    • Still waiting for the response to this.. I’ve never gone over 0.5mL and that’s all I’ve ever been told to go up to with the original. The bloom I’ve gone up to about 2.5mL per gal and that’s only because I’ve had hungry girls and that’s still at the max cap. Please let us know what the higher dosing is about- thanks brother💪🏼

    • After having done my own research, I’ve found that there is a “feed chart” which is only for when you want to add Power Si into your feed. Additionally, you will find different dosage rates for using Power Si as a foliar feed. Power Si could do a better job of highlighting the difference between Feed Charts and Foliar Charts, very different applications.

      Foliar Spray (Maintenance)
      1 ml per liter, or 4ml per gallon

      Foliar Spray (Repair)
      2 ml per liter, or 8 ml per gallon

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