Primordial Solutions Rootamentary, 5 gal
Primordial Solutions Rootamentary, 5 gal



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Primordial Solutions Rootamentary, 5 gal


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Primordial Solutions Rootamentary

Rootamentary can be used during all stages of plant development.

It provides optimal nutrition for root growth, because without massive roots, you don’t get big crops. Used moderately during early flowering, Rootamentary will support flower and fruit development. The larger the roots, the better the nutrient uptake, and the bigger the crop.

Rootamentary combines nitrogen, phosphoric acid, potassium and micro-minerals to increase plant growth response and encourage an optimal root zone.

It also promotes a bloom of nitrogen-fixing bacteria that takes nitrogen out of the air and turns it into plant-available nitrogen. 

You can use Rootamentary early in plant development as a root optimizer and use it throughout vegetative growth to ensure massive roots. It can also be applied moderately during early flowering and fruiting as a supplemental nitrogen boost.


  • Increase plant growth with N-P-K and micro-minerals to create an optimal root zone.
  • Cultivate root growth bacteria with this specialized formula designed to enhance growth!
  • Support root development and plant metabolism.
  • Regenerate damaged roots.

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Weight 48 lbs
Dimensions 13 × 13 × 15 in


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