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Ebb & flow rolling benches (also called rolling ebb & flood benches, rolling sub irrigation benches, and rolling flood benches) are in use in greenhouses for a minimum of 90 years. Our polystyrene benchtops are molded with a network of drainage channels that serve several purposes. First, because the bench is flooding, they permit the water to flow evenly throughout the complete surface of the bench and rise simultaneously over the complete bench surface, evenly watering all plants on the bench. Likewise, when the bench has finished its irrigation cycle, the complete bench surface drains evenly, and therefore the system of drainage grooves within the bench surface allows water to empty completely from all the plants so no plants are sitting in standing water. Innovative Growers Equipment Ebb & Flow benches are great growing structures for all horticulture plants, including cannabis growing.


Our Ebb & flow rolling benches are designed and made with the best quality materials. All our rolling benches have legs, leveling headers, and benchtop framework made up of galvanized steel tubing from Allied Tubing. Side and end rails are extruded using marine-grade aluminum. Our rounded bench corners also are custom extruded aluminum. The benchtops are vacuum-formed UV resistant polystyrene, manufactured in long (1½ and a pair of meter lengths to reduce the necessity for glue joints, while still with easy shipment).



At Innovative Growers Equipment we stand behind all our products that we manufacture, sell and install for our customers. We follow very strict internal control guidelines we’ve set to make sure the customer gets an impressive product when.

Save 50-90% of water compared to other methods of watering with a completely recirculating system.

Much easier to regulate ratio within the growing environment. Plant foliage and floors under benches are always dry.

Crops are always watered very evenly. No more constant touch-up watering on edges, etc.

Save 60 to 90% of labor compared to other irrigation methods.

Ebb & flow rolling benches are ideal for retail areas. container occur even when customers are within the area with no hoses being employed and also the floors remaining clean and dry.

Ebb & flow rolling benches are often stacked in propagation and seeding areas and in growth chambers. No water dripping all the way down to lower levels from the upper ones.

Save 75-90% of fertilizer compared to other methods of watering with a completely recirculating system.

Growers report using significantly less chemicals, especially fungicides.

Most crops, including cannabis crops, grown on Ebb & Flow rolling benches tend to end 1–2 weeks ahead of other irrigation systems.

Rolling Grow Benches

Any tool you decide on to use in your greenhouse should provide greater functions in your day-to-day operations. Uniform lighting and controlled watering systems are aspects which will highly affect your annual yields, but there are other factors to think about when managing crop profitability. Benches, as an example, can increase the function of any grow room. While growing plants directly on the ground is an option, circumstances must be with great care to determine pleasing results. Without a well-drained floor or constant maintenance of proper plant bedding, grounded plants are considered the next risk, and in many cases, impractical.

For the bulk of economic greenhouse operations, benches are the solution to spaces that don’t leave floor growth, or for those growers that find that system of growing unwarranted. Stable, easily drainable, and at a waist-level height, a correct benching system can optimize any operation. When strategically placed, benches can provide quick access to plants, making daily work within a greenhouse simpler, reducing the time spent on checking plant health, irrigation, and other maintenance tasks. When imagining a grow operation, or reevaluating optimization, ask yourself:

How can space efficiency be optimized?

What is the optimal method of irrigation within this location?

How important is simple movement, and is that ease here currently?

Will a bench curtail on overall operating costs?

What we glance For in an exceedingly Bench System

When considering a bench review the questions above, seeing whether or not the bench in question can meet each particular grow room issue at hand. Finding a bench that may solve some pitfalls is simple enough, however, finding a bench system that solves all is more of a challenge. this can be why the team at Florida Garden Supplies highly recommends the Grow and Grow brand and their rolling bench systems, both for smaller greenhouses still as commercial operations. Grow and Grow Rolling Benches exceed Florida Garden Supplies’ standards, combining quality materials and style to reinforce square footage, without compromising what’s already working for the grow room.


  1. Rolling Bench Placement

For many commercial operations, bench placement may be a key factor for scaling down operational costs and boosting profits. to know if a grow room is working with the best usage of square footage, first, look to the way a bench is placed within the room. From increased growing space to the health of plant species, there are clear factors that ought to get in a configuration decision. Although there are over two arrangements that may benefit an area, the 2 we’ll target this text are peninsular, and longitudinal bench configurations.




If plant species and care vary greatly during a singular greenhouse, a peninsular shape could also be the foremost beneficial and efficient shape. With a design that emphasizes care routines over space, this configuration still adds a good amount of growing space. Furthermore, this design could be a labor saver. With one center walkway, seeking a segmented aisle is straightforward, leaving each environment under closer control.




Allowing upwards of 50%-90% more plant space, employing a longitudinal pattern can enhance any commercial grow room, specifically when paired with a rolling top. Take, for example, the planning of an Grow and Grow Bench; by completely eliminating the requirement for a chosen aisle, grow room square footage is employed efficiently.


Although some commercial growers may appreciate the segregation of plant species within the peninsular design, rolling benches are ideal for operations that consider space a greater concern than separation.


  1. Space Efficiency with Rolling Benches


At Florida Garden Supplies, we believe that a rolling bench can provide adequate space to access plants with ease without compromising space efficiency. More grow room means a potentially higher plant volume, in turn, resulting in higher annual profits. Whether the actual grow room in question may be a small greenhouse or a large warehouse, bench space efficiency should be a top priority.

Of course, with the growing popularity of rolling benches, some growers still show concern for lack of plant accessibility. However, it should be noted that there are many ways to implement this design without compromising accessibility, as Grow and Grow Rolling Benches are simple to assemble and commit to meet both the requirements of a personal operation and people working within the grow room.

With an optional trellis system available with the Grow and Grow brand, a trellis are often attached to either the edges or anywhere along the length of every bench. This trellis sleeve is welded to the highest of the system’s mount to confirm that space efficiency is maximized. The horizontal top trellis bar slides directly onto the trellis poles, with proper netting to be adjusted to a grower’s specifications. irrespective of brand, detain mind that a grower will likely should purchase appropriate EMT conduits separately for trellis systems. this is often true with the Grow and Grow Rolling Bench System additionally as most other competitive brands.


  1. Geenhouse Rolling Bench Material Strength & Support

Stationary and rolling benches are only pretty much as good because the quality of the build material. betting on the load of plants, potting, trays, and irrigation systems, choose a bench system which will comfortably support the load of their load. Assuming that every area unit are going to be supporting a minimum of 25 pounds could be a safe rule of thumb when considering any material.

We recommend materials that are built for longevity and resistance to rot. because the Grow and Grow Rolling Benches are made of 12 gauge steel, a poster grower has the piece of mind that every bench is made for long-term integrity. Anti-rotation stop plates help prevent metal from twisting under heavier weights. Their standard bench sizes are built to git Botanicare’s tide and OD Trays, further because the added trellis mount system for the final word tray and vertical trellis post support. Grow and Grow Bench systems are available both standard and custom sizing.


  1. Compatibility with Preferred Irrigation System

Changing or updating benching shouldn’t mean changing a whole irrigation system. If a billboard grower knows they will use their current irrigation system to their advantage, finding benching that may accommodate that system could be a priority. When using the Grow and Grow Rolling Bench system, the benches themselves are furnished the continual fitted ebb and flow trays. These trays are ship directly from the manufacturer, which incorporates proper bench screens and bulkhead fittings for appropriate drainage.


  1. Rolling Bench Cost Efficiency

Quite possibly the foremost critical think about finding the proper bench equipment for any greenhouse or grow room is its ability to be cost-effective. Of course, finding a system that improves both the standard and quantity of the yield will, in turn, sway be efficient yet as profit boosting. At Florida Garden Supplies we recommend finding benching that doesn’t force an advert operation to alter what’s working for them currently, but rather, enhance the areas that aren’t. By choosing an Grow and Grow Bench System the advantages are clear, and therefore the return on investment is quick.

Eliminating the necessity for a chosen aisle

More plant space (up to 50%-90% more)

In turn, higher overall profits

No costly irrigation system switch

Customizable to suit the requirements of a grow room

Designed with easy access in mind


If you’re currently looking for a benching system or looking to enhance your greenhouse with rolling benches, we will facilitate your discover the brand which will make a significant difference to the efficiency of your space. selecting a bench brand and configuration can take time. Our hope is, with an Grow and Grow Rolling Bench, some time are saved and your investment will cause higher yields and healthier plants.

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