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What You Need To Know About The Centurion Mini

The Centurion Mini Has Incredible Versatility and Performance for Its Small Size. Here We Break It Down and Review It.

The CenturionPro Mini is that the smallest tumble-style trimmer within the world? Yes, you heard it right! together with the said trimmer may be a 1.5HP leaf collection system for max mobility and efficiency. Plus! all of CenturionPro Trimmers now come standard with the all-new non-stick Quantanium Tumbler!

In addition, the CenturionPro Mini is that the latest in elite trimming technology. it’s considered to be the littlest professional trimmer within the world and amazingly replaces the equivalent of over 15 trimming staff. This high-end trimmer that’s used for both wet and dry trimming utilizes a high-quality D2 hardened steel blade. It’s really perfect for commercial use because aside of its highly competent features, this trimmer is additionally truly rare to seek out in today’s industry due to its small size, but high-performance level.

Don’t be worried about using this trimmer because we provided manuals that will function guides for you. This trimmer may be a hydroponics trimming machine that uses 11 high-quality blades providing you the foremost precise and efficient cutting capability within the industry. You’ll be surely amazed at this trimmer because it can packs quite twice the ability of other trimming machines, thus making CenturionPro the best trimmer on the market today.

Moreover, you’ll not have headaches in maintaining the nice condition of CenturionPro because it only requires minimal maintenance and cleaning. This trimming machine incorporates a small size, but with a high productivity level that enables you to maximize your grow op.

Furthermore, CenturionPro Trimmers now come standard with the all-new Quantanium non-Stick tumbler, which is out there in both wet or dry. to assist you more are aware of it the non-stick properties of the Quantanium tumbler prevents precious resins from adhering to the tumbler surface. Thus, this may result in an improved output with a good visual appearance while maintaining its strong natural aromas and flavors.

Overall, you may notice a stronger quality product, especially during the harvesting stage because all-natural properties are perfectly preserved. Meanwhile, the employment of the new tumbler with its durable coating and straightforward to wash surface will provide you with a faster time interval that there’s no must stop and clean tumblers throughout the day for just an easy wipe down with a cloth and warm water will surely facilitate your remove any residue found.

Replacement of a 15-20 Human Trimmers

Despite its small size, CenturionPro Mini is perfectly equipped to trim up to 50-60lbs of wet material or 10-12 lbs of dry material per hour and observe that this number is love replace 15-20 human trimmers on your team! Isn’t it incredible?

Doubles as a Kief Collector

If you’re searching for a trimmer that may make sure you the cleanest cut and is fast to clean up? Then opt for CenturionPro Mini! you’ll never regret using this trimmer because it comes with a robust 1.5HP vacuum that produces 2000 CFM of pure suction. Also, this trimmer features a double bag system that collects trim and kief separately so as for you to not waste any of the products that may be employed in the longer term.

Trims both Wet & Dry Material

Did you recognize that the CenturionPro Mini is an adaptable automatic bud trimmer that will trim both wet and dry material with an easy change of a tumbler? You heard it right! And what’s more amazing about this is often that for this year (2019), each of the trimmers now incorporates a set of wet and dry tumblers that able you to possess complete control to trim your buds in ways in which you wish.

Hand-Trimmed Quality

If you’re doubting the potential of this trimmer you better not! Because while it’s small in size its ability to switch human trimmers is de facto commendable because the standard isn’t sacrificed, thus, only proved that its engineering is well done.

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