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Why You Need Cannabis Fans – Cannabis Air Flow

Keep The Air Moving For Your Plants

If you’re new to growing marijuana, or are trying to grow it, but have been unsuccessful, this article is for you. Proper Air circulation in marijuana grow rooms is a crucial part of the method. If there’s improper circulation, your plant growth may stunt, you will have weak branches which won’t hold the load of heavy buds, and you would possibly find yourself with a mildew or bug problem. All of those issues may be combated with the proper size fans, placed appropriately.

How Plants Grow

Marijuana plants, like all plants, thrive off of greenhouse emissions (CO2). The dioxide that’s within the air is absorbed by plants and it helps them to grow thick and robust. Without enough CO2, plants won’t thrive; staying limp or brittle. Picture an elderly man with oxygen so take the oxygen away, he won’t function also. that’s your marijuana plant without adequate CO2; a frail old man.

Air circulation is vital to confirm that fresh air is being brought into your growing room or tent. If the air continues to be, it gets stagnant and it’ll even be a void of crucial CO2 which can make your plants suffer.

To ensure that your plants stay strong, confirm that you just are bringing fresh air in with proper ventilation and air circulation.

How Air Circulation Benefits Your Plants

Marijuana that’s grown outside grows big and powerful because it gets a lot of air. Again, the air has CO2 which helps the plant to thrive.

When growing outside isn’t an option, and you’re employing a grow tent, you would like to recreate the outside with lights and fresh air. While lights are a discussion for an additional time, fresh air will be vented in and circulated with fans.

The best thanks to seeing that your plants are becoming the correct amount of air is that they must gently rustle. consider the way the leaves on a tree blow within the breeze. this can be what you wish. it’s especially important within the canopy or the tops of the plants. Anything more, and it may be damaging to the plant, anything less, and that they aren’t getting the right amount of CO2 exchange.

Additionally, plants need proper air at the bottom. this may make sure that the plants don’t stay damp for too long, getting mildewed or moldy. It also keeps bugs away. Incorporating fans that may hit the lower parts of your plants is simply as important as fans that circulate air and rustle the cover.

Using Indoor Grow Fans

Sometimes, fans can even harm your cannabis plants, so you would like to stay some things in mind before turning them on. You’ll have to set your fan strong enough to cause a small rustle, but not too strong. If it’s too strong, your plants may bend an excessive amount and find themselves breaking or getting damaged. Plus, it also causes their substrate to dry out much faster, stressing your plants out and affecting their growth.

During the flowering period, if you set your fan too strong, you will find yourself damaging your plants’ flowers because of being in constant movement. This causes them to brush against each other; this could, in turn, cause a dramatic increase in the chance of fungi and bacteria infections.

Indoor Grow Fans Setup

You’ll have to get an adjustable fan with different speeds in order that you’ll be able to adjust it your space and desires. If you’ve got it found secluded from your plants it’ll have to be set at a faster speed than if you have got it right beside your plants; it should cause a really slight rustling in your plants’ leaves. Under no circumstances should the breeze be strong enough to bend their branches, otherwise you may have a number of the problems that we mentioned before. the most effective kind of fan is the turning fan, which allows for balanced air distribution. If you’ve got one big fan, we recommend replacing it with two smaller fans which will help to raise distribute the air in and around your cannabis plants.

Different Types of Fans for Indoor Grows

There are many alternative varieties of fans that you just can use when growing indoors; there are small fans for grow tents, stand-alone fans for medium-sized grow rooms and wall-mounted fans for larger grow, in addition to models that include remote controls. 

Oscillating Clip-On Fan for Grow Tents

This fan is specifically designed to be utilized in grow tents. Once you grow to employ a grow tent, there’s not really much space to put a bigger fan in among your plants. this is often why this kind of fan may be a great alternative; you’ll be able to place it on any of the bars in your grow tent, including along the side of your reflector, pointed at your bulb so as to cool down it down if necessary. It turns and has two different speeds – so as to optimize airflow, we recommend using two of those fans in your grow tent.

Oscillating Stand-Alone Fan

This type of fan could be a lot more common in grow rooms with two or more lights; its spin makes it perfect for cannabis growing. It also has various different settings during which you’ll change the breeze direction and therefore the height of the stand itself. it’s three different speeds, allowing you optimal control over how far the breeze can reach, counting on where your plants are. We recommend placing it within the center of the space to 1 of the perimeters, near your air inlet if possible. If you’ve got an outsized room you’ll be able to use two fans, one on all sides so as to provide an excellent flow.

Remote Control Wall Fan

The remote wall fan is one of the foremost practical and comfy fans that you just can use in your cannabis grow room for one simple reason; you’ll be able to control it via a distance. because of the remote, you’ll change the setting without even wanting to go near it, which makes your job much easier and it may reach areas where other styles of fans simply can’t. However, you’ll confirm you set it up more than how tall your plants are visiting grow; if they grow directly into the trail of the fan you’ll remove it and place it up higher. it’s various different speeds, allowing you to regulate the intensity of the breeze.

In order to use this fan, you may mount it to the wall by making a pair of holes and attaching the mandatory frame

MultiFan Turbo Ceiling Fan

This Wall and Ceiling Fan is ideal for targeting specific areas of your grow room, for lower areas, or maybe for pointing upwards sure enough growing systems. you’ll be able to also hang it from your grow room’s ceiling, place it on the ground or incline it in any direction that’s needed. It’s also really silent, and it’s an excellent choice for grow tents and open grow rooms as it’s quite potent and doesn’t take up much space in any respect.

Industrial Floor Fan

These varieties of fans are almost like the previous type, although it’s made out of much stronger materials. It also comes in various different sizes, allowing you to settle on one that most closely fits your growing needs. you’ll attach it to the ceiling or to 1 side of your grow tent. you’ll be able to simply leave it on the bottom and point it where it’s needed. it’s three different speeds, and it’s an incredibly sturdy device that’s perfect for giant grow rooms.

If you’d like to see more you can explore more details about these different types of fans in our categories. 

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