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BioAg VAM Endo-Mix™, 50 lb
BioAg VAM Endo-Mix™, 50 lb



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BioAg VAM Endo-Mix™, 50 lb


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VAM Endo-Mix‚Ñ¢: A superior mycorrhizal fungi product made by top US researchers with over twenty years applied experience. VAM Endo-Mix‚Ñ¢ contains 7 different strains and 158 propagules per gram. Shop and compare! Improves transplant success, increases absorption of water and nutrients and enhances plant growth. Use in a variety of applications including dry broadcast for turf and farms or add to liquid for hydroponic, irrigation, and hand-watering applications. Use for seed treatments, clones/cuttings, and fortification after making compost tea.

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Weight 53 lbs
Dimensions 19 × 7 × 25 in


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