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The Truth About LED Grow Lights

LED grow lights offer many advantages over traditional grow lighting including: Less Power Low Heat Efficiency Lower HVAC Costs Proximity to Plants Spectrum Controllability of Spectrum, Dimming, Schedules WiFi and Remote Operation All-in-One Package Modularity Easy to put in Daisy-Chainable…

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Silica For Plants

Silica For Plants Silica plays a very important role in almost everything. Silica, often renowned for its rigid properties, is additionally a crucial component of the plants, a jack of all trades within the horticulture hemisphere. What is Silica? Silica…

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Hydroponic farming is going through a renaissance. This trend looks to extend into 2020, as food insecurity rises, global calorie consumption increases and newer, more lucrative crops develop in volume. The development of eating habits to more plant-based food preferences…

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Tools You Need For Indoor Gardening

For every task, there’s always a tool for the job. Some are essential, while others serve the purpose of making life a bit easier (that’s always a plus!). The tools you’ll need for your indoor gardening will depend on the…

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Vertical Garden is a technique that is used to grow plants, commonly on a vertical suspended panel using hydroponics. The amazing thing about vertical gardening is a wonderful alternative to pot plants, especially in the office space. Potted plants also…

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