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Twister T6 Review

The Twister T6 trimmer is that the perfect choice for a home grower looking to proportion with their hand-trimmed operation. Eventually, trimming by hand can become unsustainable as you get more clients and grow more plants. To still meet demand, you would like a little machine that delivers hand-trimmed quality with greater efficiency.

Whether you’re trimming reception, at a friend’s place, in an exceedingly garage workspace, or outdoors, you would like a discrete and fast machine. The Twister T6 can deliver high-quality cuts with a brief turnaround, letting you switch home-grown buds into hand-trimmed flowers with minimal effort on your part.

Whether you employ it to trim wet or dry harvest, the Twister T6 trimmer handles your buds carefully. Its gentle trimming prevents loss of trichomes, or the small hairs rich in sugary resin that grows on your buds.

This level of care preserves the cannabinoids, ensuring the potency of your product and your customers’ satisfaction. irrespective of where you trim your bud, the Twister T6 will sleep within minutes.

The T6 trimmer is both lightweight and portable, allowing you to bring it almost anywhere to plug and play. It only weighs a scant 42 pounds and fits in an exceeding space of just one.2 cubic feet. you’ll be able to assemble or disassemble it in two minutes, making it ideal for absorbing the road.

Overall, this trimmer is that the fastest small-capacity trimmer available. It helps you to trim several pounds of dry bud or five times that wet in an hour. You can’t beat it when it involves speed.

How Does the Twister T6 Trimmer Work?

The Twister T6 trimmer has Twister SoftTumble™ technology to trim your cannabis quickly without compromising its quality. At quite 19,000 cuts a second, it can make short but precise work of your harvest. you’ll be able to even switch from dry to wet trimming with a straightforward tumbler change.

This machine sits at a cushy height on your table or countertop. it’s a stainless-steel, non-stick interior, helping minimize the impact on your flower by reducing wall creep. you’ll trim pounds of product in an hour, reducing time lost readily available trimming while providing an analogous result.

The advanced rotary blade cutting system is one of the most effective on the market. A 96-point adjustable blade means you’ll precisely control trim width. you’ll be able to also reduce space between cuts to a width sixfold narrower than a sheet of paper.

The leaf collector is intended to reduce any potential waste, and therefore the vacuum hose makes sure you don’t lose any usable product. The filter bag catches any excess as small as 3 microns.

You can grab this machine and take it with you anywhere. It only takes a pair of minutes to place it together, so you’ll do your trimming and take it apart as soon as you’re finished. you merely have to spend a pair of minutes cleaning up before you’ll progress, and therefore the Twister T6 always delivers superior on-the-spot trimming that matches the hand-trim quality.

Dry trimming vs. Wet trimming

You can use the Twister T6 for both dry trimming and wet trimming. Some growers claim that trimming while wet preserves trichomes better than dry trimming. Others favor to wait until the moisture content reaches the perfect 8%, then trim it before the bud begins to urge brittle and loses resin.

With the T6 Twister, you’ll be able to trim whenever you favor, whether you wish your bud wet or dry. The speed of the trimmer allows you to process small batches fast. to change between wet or dry, you merely must swap the tumbler to a bigger or smaller gap.

How Many Pounds Does the T6 Trim Per Hour?

The Twister T6 trimmer is an efficient machine, and it can trim 4 pounds of dry bud per hour. If you’re trimming wet bud with the larger tumbler, you’ll trim five times faster. It processes wet bud at almost 20 pounds per hour, making this trimmer a powerhouse purchase for your business.

# of T6’s

Type of Trimming

Pounds Per Hour (up-to)













Product Specifications

The primary features of the Twister T6 trimmer include its SoftTumble™ technology, which keeps the flower rolling smoothly without breaking it. You’ll also love the Grab and Go™ design and therefore the plug and play portability. This machine gives you speed, care, and convenience tired one package.

T6 Specs


Input Voltage

115V, 60Hz

Current Draw


Blade Motor

1/4HP, 200W

Tumbler Diameter

4in / 10.1cm

Tumbler Slots

33 x .25in / .6cm


42lbs / 19kg

Shipping Weight

90lbs / 54.4kg


30in / 76.2cm


11in / 27.9cm


10in / 25.4cm

Connector Plug

NEMA 5-15P

Circuit Breaker Required

15A / 120V

Filter Bag

70 Micron


How Much Does the Twister T6 Cost?

You should know that price alone doesn’t indicate the most effective trimmer. We’ve tested all the cannabis trimmers we recommend and might attest to their quality. A Twister T6 trimmer will cost around $4,260 (with leaf collector) if you purchase it within the US, which puts it at a cheaper price point than many similar machines.

Replacing Twister T6 Parts

A broken part on your trimmer can halt production if you don’t have a replacement there. Don’t let this happen to your operation. Source parts for your Twister T6 before you would like them. That way, you shouldn’t worry about losing time or business if your machine breaks down.

Some of the parts you would possibly need spares for include drive pulleys, drive belts, and drive covers. you must also stock an additional vacuum run capacitor and vacuum start capacitor. Finally, keep a spare of every one of the subsequent assemblies:

  • Leaf Collector
  • Hopper
  • Nylon Brush
  • Drive Belt
  • Tumbler


Pictures from Twistertrimmer.com

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