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How To Feed Cannabis Plant – Best Tips For You

Feeding and watering your cannabis plants is crucial to successful growth. It’s just as easy to over-water as it is to overwhelm your plant with too many nutrients today, I’m going to talk about different growing mediums, nutrients, and water. How much? When to water? And how to be responsive to your plan?  Let’s start with the growing media. You can choose from soil, natural materials like sphagnum, and coco. They can even be certified organic, or you can grow hydro. This literally means without soil. Using materials like Rockwool or pea gravel, if you choose soil, you’ll decide between

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We believe that the small details make the biggest of the differences, if you do the right things you will get the right results. Our team of chemists and bio-engineers share this passion and attention to the small things and for the last 20 years they have crafted an exciting line of products designed to give you, the grower, control over all the details of you plant so that it grows just the way you want it. 

The Art of Growing Well ™

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