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Mosquito Bits vs Fungus Gnats

Summit Mosquito Bits, A Biological Control That Kills Mosquito Larvae, Is Now Also Approved For The Control Of Fungus Gnats. Let’s Take a Look

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Power SI Bloom - 20 Liter


Power Si Is Among The Most Popular Products In The Market. We Put It To The Test To Find Out If Its A Mith Or If Tully Amazing!

Ocean Forest Potting Soil 3.0 cu ft

Foxfarm Ocean Forest Review

Check Out Our Review Of The Popular Foxfarm Ocean Forest Potting Soil. Get All The Information You Need To Know!

The Truth About LED Grow Lights

LED grow lights offer many advantages over traditional grow lighting including: Less Power Low Heat Efficiency Lower HVAC Costs Proximity to Plants Spectrum Controllability of Spectrum, Dimming, Schedules WiFi and Remote Operation All-in-One Package Modularity Easy to put in Daisy-Chainable Different Shapes/Designs Different Configurations Long Lifetime Solid State Waterproof and Dustproof Recyclable Faster Finishing, Better Quality, More Resin, Increased Density Return-on-Investment Let’s take a more in-depth study of these benefits. Less power The primary reason growers chose LEDs over traditional lighting is thanks to the electricity savings. LED grow lights consume fewer watts to supply about the identical amount of

Silica For Plants

Silica For Plants Silica plays a very important role in almost everything. Silica, often renowned for its rigid properties, is additionally a crucial component of the plants, a jack of all trades within the horticulture hemisphere. What is Silica? Silica is that the common term for the compound silicon oxide. It’s formed when silicon comes into contact with oxygen. Silica may be abundant in many soils and is a significant component of plants, sometimes in even higher concentrations than nitrogen and potassium – two out of the three primary macronutrients. Although vital to plant health, silica isn’t classified together as

How To Use Rockwool For Cannabis

Rockwool Is Used In Most Cannabis Grow Ops At Least In One Of The Grow Stages. Here We Show You How To Use Rockwool For Cannabis.

How To Feed Cannabis Plant – Best Tips For You

Feeding and watering your cannabis plants is crucial to successful growth. It’s just as easy to over-water as it is to overwhelm your plant with too many nutrients today, I’m going to talk about different growing mediums, nutrients, and water. How much? When to water? And how to be responsive to your plan?  Let’s start with the growing media. You can choose from soil, natural materials like sphagnum, and coco. They can even be certified organic, or you can grow hydro. This literally means without soil. Using materials like Rockwool or pea gravel, if you choose soil, you’ll decide between


Hydroponic farming is going through a renaissance. This trend looks to extend into 2020, as food insecurity rises, global calorie consumption increases and newer, more lucrative crops develop in volume. The development of eating habits to more plant-based food preferences will also play a vital role in the development of hydroponic structures in areas of large populations. That’s because hydroponic farms are taken into consideration to be a solution in satisfying the needs for a more plant-based diet. Hydroponics is very important to make a more unsecure food supply chain. Some of the challenges facing the hydroponic farming industry are:

Tools You Need For Indoor Gardening

For every task, there’s always a tool for the job. Some are essential, while others serve the purpose of making life a bit easier (that’s always a plus!). The tools you’ll need for your indoor gardening will depend on the types of plants you want to grow. Some may need a misting of water, while some may need soil. Other may be growing in water or soil, or air plant life connected to bark wood. 1 – Hand fork You won’t want anything super strong for lifting, loosening, and turning the soil in houseplants, so forged metallic tines aren’t a


Vertical Garden is a technique that is used to grow plants, commonly on a vertical suspended panel using hydroponics. The amazing thing about vertical gardening is a wonderful alternative to pot plants, especially in the office space. Potted plants also have advantages of being placed anywhere and so much more. They as well take up space and require lots of maintenance. Vertical Gardens appear beautiful; they save space and are sustainable additions to the city. Gardeners see them as an alternative to horizontal space to cover the unattractive wall. The founder of Website “Vertical Garden Institute” Philip Yates of Singer

Your own indoor garden

Starting an indoor garden as a beginner can be easy if you know the right things and the right steps to take. No matter how small or big your garden is, there are essential and important things you ought to know. Additionally, there are important questions you need to ask yourself before starting. Below are the questions. Where is Will Growing Your Indoor Garden Take Place? The first step is deciding where to locate your garden. Knowing how much space you’ll need is important because it will determine the type of plant you will grow and your lighting options. If

How To Light It Up And Why

Do you know you can improve your garden with the use of proper lighting? The common believe is that lighting is too expensive and the business is complicated. But in reality all those are misconceptions, anyone with a small or large garden can benefit from the best grow lights in the business.Does the climate in your environment not favorable for your plant growth? Are your vegetables are not big and tasty enough in your garden? Don’t be discouraged. This article will open your eyes to some important tips on how lighting can make a difference. Going online and searching through

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